We are reimagining education to empower children to thrive in and build the world of the future.

Inspiring Minds,
Pioneering Futures.

Our world is changing faster than ever before, and our children will live vastly different lives than the ones we know today. For our children to thrive and for human civilization to flourish in this new era, we need to reimagine education.

The Luminaria Educational Philosophy recognizes and develops our children as truly whole human beings – we cultivate a balance of character strengths, a robust and inquisitive mind, and the fluency to work collaboratively to transform ideas into impact.

We also equip our children with the context they need to comprehend the world they live in, and help them build engaged empathy, ethical grounding, and critical thinking - all imbued with authentic purpose and meaning.

Luminaria prepares our children to understand, contribute to, and become courageous architects of our rapidly changing society.

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The Luminaria Educational Philosophy is built atop five fundamental building blocks.

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Lumineer Academy is a school in Williamstown, Victoria focused on empowering children to thrive in and build the rapidly changing world that we live in.

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Lumineer Expeditions are hands on after school workshops open to all children from the community, led by our fully qualified and certified educators, in our dedicated makerspace.

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Learning Explorations Gallery.

Learning Explorations are dynamic and collaborative project arcs that weave all of our learning, including STEM, Humanities, and core skills knowledge, into a cohesive whole. Children work through multidisciplinary frameworks, imbued with authentic real world purpose and meaning, to create and deliver solutions that address real human issues.

Who we are.

We are a guild of education innovators, representing many diverse backgrounds including education, art, marine biology, cognitive science, psychology, engineering, storytelling, community development, philosophy, and genomic research, based in California, New York, London, Paris, and Australia.

Our mission is to share our research and innovation broadly, to contribute to a grassroots movement that will accelerate the quality of education throughout the world.