Inspiring Minds,
Pioneering Futures.

Luminaria is reimagining education to empower children to thrive in and build the world of the future.

Our world is changing faster than ever before, and our children will live vastly different lives than the ones we know today. For our children to thrive and for human civilization to flourish in this new era, we need to reimagine education.

Luminaria recognizes and develops our children as truly whole human beings – we cultivate a balance of character strengths, a robust and inquisitive mind, and the fluency to work collaboratively to transform ideas into impact.

We also equip our children with the context they need to comprehend the world they live in, and help them build engaged empathy, ethical grounding, and critical thinking - all imbued with authentic purpose and meaning.

Luminaria prepares our children to understand, contribute to, and become courageous architects of our rapidly changing society.

Everything is possible.
We can build anything.

Luminaria is transforming education -- from a process of teaching passive students into an approach that develops active, lifelong learners.

While we can’t predict the future, we can equip our children to be prepared for any version of the future world, and to be highly capable and compassionate builders of that world.

Most traditional schools were built for a different era, the first Industrial Age, where compliance and rote learning were valued over emotional intelligence, purposeful creativity, and multidisciplinary synthesis.

Through our extensive experience as educators, we know that within a safe and nurturing environment, all children can develop into self-motivated learners who are capable of joy and wonder, independent and critical thought, self-awareness, inventiveness, and emotional resilience.

When we nourish emotional intelligence and a growth mindset alongside cognitive development in the areas of scientific curiosity, pattern systems, and decision-making frameworks, everything becomes possible.

We want our children not to think of themselves as students, doing their best within conventional boundaries, but as self-motivated and inspired learners, with an infinite blank canvas.

Hello to wonder

Children intuitively know what many of us spend the rest of our adult lives rediscovering: learning happens everywhere in the world. Luminaria’s playful, hands-on, multidimensional environment dissolves barriers between subjects and disciplines, to seed curious, inventive minds.

By teaching within a multidisciplinary framework that is centered on a design studio and makerspace creation process, our learners forge a highly personalized relationship with their communities. In working through the stages of brainstorming, ideation, and hypothesis, they quickly learn how to iterate through possible solutions, and explore many possible angles. They learn that the highest impact they can create often comes from a deep, authentic empathy for the communities they inhabit.

We build authentic purpose and meaning through the use of real tools, real problems, and real solutions to develop each child’s everyday understanding of themselves as an engaged contributor.

Our porous schooling model blurs the boundaries that often exist between families, schools, communities, and workplaces. By design, our schools are constantly dynamic environments, and our children learn how to thrive in a diverse, ever-changing context.

Everything we’re building - from the spaces we use, from our learning studios to our makerspaces, to the ways in which our children develop trusting and collaborative relationships - invites a lifelong dedication to exploration.

Discover a new way
of learning.

Discover a new kind of school, one where educators, inventors, artists, designers, scientists, storytellers, entrepreneurs, and scholars come together to build entirely new learning environments that unlock all of the possibilities of our future world.

Our team works together as an integrated whole to create thoughtful and integrated learning experiences to stimulate the senses, the minds, and the hearts of our children.

We don’t just iterate upon traditional school models — we are creating a new system of cultivating lifelong, motivated learners through groundbreaking research and implementation.

The work of our Lumineers is driven by the Luminaria Education Model, which is grounded in rigorous methodology, learning frameworks, significant inquiry, expansive exploration, and human-inspired problem solving.

The Luminaria Educational Philosophy is structured around 5 key anchors (as shown in the diagram): 1) Building knowledge from first principles, 2) Teaching systems orientation 3) Whole child development: a holistic synthesis and balance of character development, emotional intelligence, and cognitive development. 4) Delivering over 70% of our learning in contextual, hands on maker projects 5) Imbuing all learning with an authentic real world purpose and meaning.

The Luminaria Educational Philosophy is built atop five fundamental building blocks.

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Age of Exploration,
Age of Invention.

As an independent, secular educational organization, our focus is on empowering children with the skills they need to make their own conscious and informed decisions about their unique, individual paths through the world.

As lifelong explorers, our children will develop the insight and understanding to shape the world towards a future that is anchored in humanity, and realized through invention.

The future world is full of extraordinary possibility – we invite you to join us on this journey.

Our mission is to share our research and innovation broadly, to contribute to a grassroots movement that will accelerate the quality of education throughout the world. We believe that access to quality education is a fundamental human right for every child.

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We are a guild of education innovators, representing many diverse backgrounds including education, art, marine biology, cognitive science, psychology, engineering, storytelling, community development, philosophy, and genomic research, based in California, New York, London, Paris, and Australia.